At Latitude 55, the water temperatures are close to freezing, and it'S in these frigid waters where Latitude 55 Albacore is Troll & Pole line sustainably caught. Family owned boats using century old fishing methods of pole and line, by hand with virtually no by-catch make this fishery one the most sustainable fisheries in the world.  To ensure the highest quality seconds after the Albacore is caught it is bled. After being bled, the fish are then hand hung and blast frozen on board below -55º F to lock in the best quality & freshness, makes this Sashimi grade albacore tuna one of the best tasting and most sustainable fish available.



Pacific Northwest

Boats fish from san diego, california to vancouver, canada



  • Hook & Line Hand Caught

  • No By-catch - Total by-catch of entire fishery is below 0.005% of total yearly landing.

  • Bait less hooks - no bait is used to catch the fish so no impact on feeder fish species.

  • Frozen at Sea within seconds of being caught at below -55ºF using “Contact Freezing” ensure peak freshness & quality.

  • Only under 20lb fish are targeted to ensure quick specie regeneration & for their virtually non-existent mercury levels.



  • Latin Name: Thunnus alalunga

  • Origin: USA & Canada

  • Presentation: IQF, IVP Loins

  • Case Weight: 10 lb

  • Availability: Year Round