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Wild Isles salmon is widely considered “the” salmon that other farmed salmons measured against. Sustainably raised in the wild open ocean waters off the Shetland Island’s & North Atlantic Islands rugged coastline. It’s this unique environment which give this fish its firm texture, lean flesh, and buttery sweet flavor that chef’s around the world have come to demand. RSPCA Freedom Food, & Global G.A.P (Good Aquaculture Practices) approved sustainable farming, and low stocking densities make Wild Isles salmon farms some of the best in the world.

Every stage of the salmon’s life cycle is carefully monitored and evaluated to ensure environmental stewardship and quality of life.


Wild crashing open sea’s of north Scotland & North Atlantic . Farms are located in the open sea in powerful currents where surging clear, fresh, and clean water constantly. Natural habitat allows salmon to swim against strong 5+ knot ocean currents, developing the strongest & healthiest of fish.


Low socking densities: 98.3% Water to 1.7% Fish.                                      Sites incorporating lumpsucker fish are used to symbiotically live with the salmon and control sea lice instead of using chemical treatments. Strong currents help maintain clean seabed.                                                              


Marine fish meal & oil is sourced from sustainably managed fisheries fish trimmings from fish caught for human consumption &/or sustainably managed fisheries. GMO Free. Land based animal protein Free.                                                                 


Zero Waste Policy ensures environmental footprint is constantly minimized. Harvest to Order – No fish are killed and wasted. 


  • RSPCA Freedom Food Federation –  Certified Husbandry and Treatment
  • GLOBAL G.A.P –  Good Aquaculture Practices



PureFish has recently received reports of NON Wild Isles salmon being marketed to impersonate using fraudulent documentation. PLEASE contact PureFish directly if you have any questions or concerns regarding your WILD ISLES salmon authentication. 




SKYE Steelhead begins its life cycle on land in “zero waste”closed containment recirculating tanks. Only the most pristine Scottish spring water is used to ensure the upmost quality & health of the fish. Once the trout reach maturity, they are then introduced into salt water, thus making them a true sea trout, also known as steelhead.



Skye Steelhead is loved by chefs for not only its superior flavor & texture when cooked, but also its versatility for different dishes, such as Sashimi/Crudo raw applications and Cold & Hot Smoked.







Location of these ocean farms are key for not only sustainability, but the overall health of the trout & environment. That’s why our sea trout farms are located in the open sea off the northwest Isles of Scotland, where the powerful currents of the North Atlantic are constantly surging nutrient rich water through the farms. Sea sites allow the trout to naturally swim against the powerful currents. These powerful currents not only create stronger & healthier fish, but also help to keep a clean sea bed.


Sustainable aquaculture practices, Antibiotic Free.
Powerful currents surging clean water through the sites constantly.
Farm sites are rotated & lay fallow to ensure a clean seabed before next cycle. 3rd party audits: sustainability, husbandry, water quality, environmental impact. 3rd party certified by Global GAP (Good Aquaculture practices) & RSPCA Freedom Foods.


Fish meal & oil derived from trimmings and/or sustainable managed fisheries.                                                                                                                                      Free of all land based animal protein.                                                            
GMO free, Preservative Free, & Pesticide Free Ingredients.                           Synthetic colorant Free.                                                                                                High levels of fish oil to ensure optimal fish health and optimal health benefits for consumer.


  • Latin Name: Oncorhynchus mykiss
  • Origin: Scotland
  • Sizes: 2-3, 3-4, 4-5, 5-6 kg
  • Presentation: Whole Dressed & Fillets
  • Case Weight: 50 lb.
  • Availability: Year Round





Among the most pristine bodies of water in the world, the Red Sea combines high salinity with protected pristine waters with abundant wildlife & untouched coral reefs, making this pristine tropical ecosystem perfect for rearing open sea Barramundi.


Pristine clear sea water & sustainable aquaculture methods produce a healthier stronger barramundi, with a firmer texture, sweet flavor, and darker skin characteristic which mimic wild ocean barramundi, that chefs around the world prefer.




  • Open Sea Raised in the Red Sea.

  • Sites are located 4-8 kilometers from shore.

  • Extremely high salinity water makes for a healthier and tastier flesh. 


  • Vertically Integrated "on site" Aquaculture from Egg to Plate with 100% traceability.

  • Feed is produced on site.

  • Farms sites are rotated and fallowed.

  • Antibiotic, Chemical, Color additive, and Preservative Free.



  • High fish oil content.

  • Land Based Animal Protein Free.



  • Mild Flavor, white flaky flesh makes for a prefect seafood dish for consumers who prefer "non-fishy" taste profile.

  • Thick skin lends perfectly for "crispy skin" cooking applications.

  • 35 grams of protein/6oz portion.

  • High in Omega's. 

  • Sashimi Quality - Perfect for "Raw" & "Crudo" dishes.




Just south of the Alaska lies Latitude 55. 


At Latitude 55 the water temperatures are close to freezing, and it is in these frigid waters where Latitude 55 Albacore is Troll & Pole line sustainably caught. Family owned boats using century old fishing methods of pole and line, by hand with virtually no by-catch make this fishery one the most sustainable fisheries in the world.  To ensure the highest quality seconds after the Albacore is caught it is bled. After being bled, the fish are then hand hung and blast frozen on board below -55º F to lock in the best quality & freshness, makes this Sashimi grade albacore tuna one of the best tasting and most sustainable fish available.


  • Hook & Line Hand Caught
  • No By-catch - Total by-catch of entire fishery is below 0.005% of total yearly landing.
  • Bait less hooks - no bait is used to catch the fish so no impact on feeder fish species.
  • Frozen at Sea within seconds of being caught at below -55ºF using “Contact Freezing” ensure peak freshness & quality.
  • Only under 20lb fish are targeted to ensure quick specie regeneration & for their virtually non-existent mercury levels.


  • Latin Name: Thunnus alalunga
  • Origin: USA & Canada
  • Presentation: IQF, IVP Loins
  • Case Weight: 10 lb
  • Availability: Year Round




In the pristine waters of the Vancouver coast, lies the Kyuquot Sound.

Within these waters lies one of the most sustainable aquaculture farms, which implements “Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture” (IMTA), a practice of growing several different species in one location for mutual benefit.

Just downstream for the SableFish, scallops and mussels are grown which feed off the nutrients from the sablefish and then filter the water that moves downstream finally reaching the kelp farm that purifies the water before it returns to nature.

This attention to detail, environmental stewardship, and sustainability, come together to produce the highest quality and best tasting sushi quality sablefish in the world.


  • Off the coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
  • Farms are located in the Kyuquot Sound where the powerful Japense “kuroshio”current collides with the Islands – surging clear, fresh, and clean water constantly.
  • Surrounding area has been a traditional sea farming area for over 100 years.


  • Sablefish are grown in floating pens off the coastline.
  • Integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA), raising companion species for an enhanced natural ecology, such as kelp, mussels, scallops and sea urchin, and/or sea cucumber.
  • Farms sites are constantly rotated and fallowed.
  • Antibiotic, Chemical, Color additive, and Preservative Free.
  • Strong ocean currents maintain clean seabed. 3rd party audits: water quality, environmental impact, husbandry.


  • Certified Sustainable and/or Organic feed


Zero Waste Policy ensures environmental footprint is constantly minimized. Harvest to Order – No fish are killed and wasted. Reusable containers are only used in plant and harvesting to limit trash. Sourcing recycled materials for packing and plant materials. All waste from up stream farm is converted or used as feed by the next symbiotic species down current, making these farms not only ZERO WASTE but converting one waste into food for the next species, while also cleaning/filtering the water as it passes from each segment.


Sablefish is sashimi/sushi quality & parasite free. High Fish Oil content, great source for Omega-3’s Sablefish white firm flesh is a sustainable alternative to Chilean Sea Bass. Year-Round Availability.