In the pristine waters of the Vancouver coast, lies the Kyuquot Sound.

Within these waters lies one of the most sustainable aquaculture farms, which implements “Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture” (IMTA), a practice of growing several different species in one location for mutual benefit.

Just downstream for the SableFish, scallops and mussels are grown which feed off the nutrients from the sablefish and then filter the water that moves downstream finally reaching the kelp farm that purifies the water before it returns to nature.

This attention to detail, environmental stewardship, and sustainability, come together to produce the highest quality and best tasting sushi quality sablefish in the world.


  • Off the coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
  • Farms are located in the Kyuquot Sound where the powerful Japense “kuroshio”current collides with the Islands – surging clear, fresh, and clean water constantly.
  • Surrounding area has been a traditional sea farming area for over 100 years.


  • Sablefish are grown in floating pens off the coastline.
  • Integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA), raising companion species for an enhanced natural ecology, such as kelp, mussels, scallops and sea urchin, and/or sea cucumber.
  • Farms sites are constantly rotated and fallowed.
  • Antibiotic, Chemical, Color additive, and Preservative Free.
  • Strong ocean currents maintain clean seabed. 3rd party audits: water quality, environmental impact, husbandry.


  • Certified Sustainable and/or Organic feed


Zero Waste Policy ensures environmental footprint is constantly minimized. Harvest to Order – No fish are killed and wasted. Reusable containers are only used in plant and harvesting to limit trash. Sourcing recycled materials for packing and plant materials. All waste from up stream farm is converted or used as feed by the next symbiotic species down current, making these farms not only ZERO WASTE but converting one waste into food for the next species, while also cleaning/filtering the water as it passes from each segment.


Sablefish is sashimi/sushi quality & parasite free. High Fish Oil content, great source for Omega-3’s Sablefish white firm flesh is a sustainable alternative to Chilean Sea Bass. Year-Round Availability.