wild isles salmon


Wild Isles salmon is widely considered “the” salmon that other farmed salmons ARE measured against. Sustainably raised in the wild open ocean waters off the Shetland Island’s & North Atlantic Islands rugged coastline. It’s this unique environment which give this fish its firm texture, lean flesh, and buttery sweet flavor that chefs around the world have come to demand. RSPCA Freedom Food, & Global G.A.P (Good Aquaculture Practices) approved sustainable farming, and low stocking densities make Wild Isles salmon farms some of the best in the world.

Every stage of the salmon’s life cycle is carefully monitored and evaluated to ensure environmental stewardship and quality of life.



Wild crashing open seas of north Scotland & North Atlantic . Farms are located in the open sea in powerful currents where surging clear, fresh, and clean water constantly. Natural habitat allows salmon to swim against strong 5+ knot ocean currents, developing the strongest & healthiest of fish.


Low socking densities: 98.3% Water to 1.7% Fish.                                     

Sites incorporating lumpsucker fish are used to symbiotically live with the salmon and control sea lice instead of using chemical treatments. Strong currents help maintain clean seabed.                                                              


Marine fish meal & oil is sourced from sustainably managed fisheries fish trimmings from fish caught for human consumption &/or sustainably managed fisheries. GMO Free. Land based animal protein Free.                                                                 


Zero Waste Policy ensures environmental footprint is constantly minimized. Harvest to Order – No fish are killed and wasted. 


  • RSPCA ASSURED –  Certified Husbandry, Treatment, & TRACEABILITY

  • GLOBAL G.A.P –  Good Aquaculture Practices


PureFish has received reports of NON Wild Isles salmon being marketed to impersonate WILD ISLES salmon.

PLEASE use our CONTACT page to contact PureFish directly if you have any questions or concerns regarding your WILD ISLES salmon authentication or any questions at all.